Location Based iPhone App Specialists

Building an app is easy. Launching an app that sells takes experience.

Adam Howitt Consulting blends rock solid iPhone app development experience with product management, online marketing, analytics and app marketings skills. Through an understanding of your target audience we'll help shape your app concept and get it launched.

We specialize in location based apps through years of experience building and managing WalkJogRun.

A Typical Engagement

A typical engagement start with an initial call or meeting to review the goals for your iOS development project.  Based on the concept we'll send an initial proposal based on what we know so far.  

If the proposal looks good you'll sign an engagement contract for a time and materials full discovery where we spec out the work in detail.  You'll come away with a blueprint for your new app and a more precise estimate detailing cost and an estimated timeline for the app to go live. 

Once we agree to move forward into the development phase we'll send weekly builds you can test on your devices for feedback throughout the process and wrap up with a beta testing period for the finished app to iron out any kinks.  We'll launch the app into the app store and then monitor and report on the results, all the while providing great ideas for you to evolve the app.

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